Chiwapa Millet - the superior millet

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Chiwapa millet is an annual, growing 3 to 8 ft tall and has great growth habits with proper fertility and moisture. Chiwapa's ideal planting condition is on exposed mud flats, but it also adapts well to upland sites where it can be grown for turkeys, dove and quail.

Chiwapa seed can be flown on aerially by a crop duster, broadcast by hand, ATV or tractor, or planted with a seed drill. When planting on a mud flat, it is best to broadcast the seed before the mud forms a crust. When the seed is allowed to "peg" into the mud, seed will begin to germinate in 3-5 days with warm temperatures. When Chiwapa is about 12" tall it can withstand a shallow flood and can be grown in water just like rice. The shallow flood insures adequate moisture and reduces weed competition. Chiwapa seed can be planted into shallow water, but the water will need to be removed soon before the seed can germinate.

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